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What is a Building Warranty?

  • A Building Warranty is an insurance product that pays for the cost of rectifying structural or latent defects to the building which are covered under the policy.
  • A building warranty is also referred to as a Latent Defects Policy.

How long does a warranty last?

10 years from Building Regulation Completion Certificate, for domestic residential properties and 12-Years for Social Housing and Commercial properties.

Why should I buy a warranty?

  • The vast majority Mortgage Lenders in the UK will require a Structural Warranty to be in place before they lend money to either purchase a property (that is under 10 years old) or to refinance an existing loan.
  • A warranty adds value and saleability and peace of mind.

How do I obtain a 10 year warranty?

We use a very simple 7 step application process:

  1. Initial enquiry by web or phone
  2. Completion of enquiry by phone with one of our experienced Account Handler
  3. Issue of quotation for 10-Year Warranty
  4. Acceptance and Payment of all survey fees/premium
  5. Structural Survey/Technical Audit(s)
  6. Confirmation of terms of warranty and advice of any remedial works
  7. Issue of policy certificates

How long will it take to get a warranty?

Generally, 48 hours to 2 weeks, dependent on the supporting information and size of the project.

Mortgage Lender Requirement?

All mainstream mortgage lenders will require a structural warranty for a property when it is sold or remortgage less than 10 years old.

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