A Guide to Floors and Foundations

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The correct foundation is essential to a building’s structure and it is either piled or standard trench fill foundations.  With a trench fill foundation, it is generally between 600mm – 1200mm deep, filled with concrete, and the brick/block walls are built off this. With piling, the depth and number of piles depends on the ground conditions.

Most houses will have strip foundations while taller buildings, such as a block of flats or office buildings, will have deep piled foundations.

Floors (solid and suspended flooring)

Floors in commercial and residential property are either suspended or solid floors.

A suspended floor is usually concrete block and beam, but can be of timber construction in older properties.  It is vital to have a void under a floor for ventilation purposes.

A solid floor consists of solid reinforced concrete on a sub base, which can bear more weight than a suspended floor.  This is typically used in a warehouse or garage building.

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